Thursday, October 15, 2009


Today I planted some spinach, lettuce and some mixed greens. I was going to plant some kale too, but ran out of time. I'll post a picture of my garden this weekend or early next week. I'm really excited because I haven't planted an autumn/winter garden before.

The picture to the left is what they looked like before they were rudely taken from their comfortable home and placed in a strange place, but at least it was a nice warm bed today.

The kale is going to be planted by seed, so you won't find them in the picture with the rest of the greens. Just wanted to save you from straining your eyes in case you tried to look for them. :-)

Today I've decided to go off of my horrible diet coke habit.........again! I went off of coke and did so well. But after giving in to one coke it led to another and another and now I'm drinking them regularly again. Ugh!

I'm going to read some websites that will tell me all the ills of drinking diet coke to remind myself of just how bad the stuff is. Usually when I read my E2L book again, it really helps too.

I've really been struggling with eating. I may get in 2 good meals and one bad. Or I may snack on something standard that's not healthy. It's probably the coke because I know it's one of my triggers that causes me to eat the wrong foods.

I'm probably doing around 85% E2L, but my goal is 100%. So I may begin the 6 week challenge again. Some of the others at an E2L discussion group are going to do the challenge, so I might join them. I don't think I have any more company coming or anything special that might interfere with committing to six weeks.

Well it's late and I need to read my emails so until next time . . . eat for health everyone!

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