Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Glycemic index - Fruits

My husband has diabetes and is on the Engine 2/Eat to live journey.  It's mostly Dr. Fuhrman's approach, but he does eat more grains that what Dr. Fuhrman recommends. 

His blood pressure and blood glucose are coming down nicely and it's only been 2 weeks since he's changed his diet.  We are both pleased that they're coming down so fast.

Today he checked his blood glucose and it was up more than we'd like it to be.  It was the day before also, but not so much that we thought it bothered us.  So we traced back over the past couple of days and see what he'd eaten over the weekend too since he ate some SAD foods, but we just couldn't figure it out.

Then I remembered that the only thing different was that I bought a fresh pineapple and we cut it over the weekend and he's been eating it.  It's so yummy and delicious.  :-)

So I decided to see where pineapple sits on the glycemic index and found that it's placed in the high category.  We were happy to find the culprit, but not happy that it was the fresh pineapple.  :-(

So for us, pineapple will sit on the grocery shelves until his levels are more nomalized and he's off medication.  Well...........maybe once in  a while we'll get it for a treat!

So I thought some of you may be interested and decided to post the glycemic index for fruits.  I hope it's helpful for some of you.

Eat to live!

Cherries 22

Grapefruit 25

Prunes 29

Apricots, dried 30

Apple 38

Peach, canned in juice 38

Pear, fresh 38

Plum 39

Strawberries 40

Orange, Navel 42

Peach, fresh 42

Pear, canned 43

Grapes 46

Mango 51

Banana 52

Fruit Cocktail 55

Papaya 56

Raisins 56

Apricots, fresh 57

Kiwi 58

Figs, dried 61

Apricots, canned 64

Cantaloupe 65

Pineapple, fresh 66

Watermelon 72

Dates 103

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