Friday, September 11, 2009


I've had family visiting this past month. Preparing the standard fare for them made it more difficult for me to stay true to eating healthy. But I have mostly stayed on track and I don't mind eating the standard diet once in a while. I just don't want it to be difficult to get back to eating my greens again.

I haven't weighed in. I don't think I've lost anything and I'm hoping I haven't gained either.

So another week and I will go back to eating E2L 100%. Well hopefully I will. I'm sure I'll have some detox issues again, but it shouldn't be too bad. I really need to do this for my health. You'd think for that reason it would make it much easier.

I had some zucchini this week right out of the garden along with fresh garden tomatoes. I'm going to really miss my fresh veggies when summer takes a vacation.

I'll miss going into my garden and popping those sweet grape tomatoes into my mouth. It's like eating candy. Yum!

This weekend or next, I'll be trading those sun-loving veggies for cooler crops like spinach, kale and lettuce.

This week I cut up some zucchini and tomatoes in bite size chunks, and simply added an Italian dressing. How simple is that? And how delicious! I must admit, I love simple and delicious to shake hands. :-)

I'm wanting to post more often to hold myself accountable, so hopefully I will. I hope that by blogging I can offer some encouragement to those who are trying to eat a more healthy diet.

Eating for health and enjoying it,
Laina :-)

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